Sinclair-Tribune Merger

Sinclair’s Proposed Merger With Tribune Media

Last year the FCC relaxed its rules on how many stations could be owned by a single organization. Shortly thereafter, Sinclair Broadcast Group proposed a merger with Tribune Media.

The proposed merger would allow Sinclair to reach over two thirds of American homes, raising fears of excessive influence in news casting. While criticism comes largely from the left, even some right leaning organizations have cited loss of diversity in news casting as a concern.

Sinclair appears to have a history of requiring stations to air stories and commentary that favor its own views.

At this moment, the FCC is considering the final approval of the Sinclair/Tribune merger, and opposition groups are trying to reach the FCC with paid advertising and letters to the FCC.

You can help to persuade the FCC to deny the merger. Consider supporting the efforts that follow:

MoveOn Petition to Deny Sinclair & Tribune Merger offers a fast way to send an email directly to the FCC:


Allied Progress Advertisement

An advertisement produced by Allied Progress features a portion showing Sinclair news anchors throughout the country reading a scripted speech. It asks for financial support in order to keep the ad on the air:


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