About Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson’s landmark documentary Broadcast Blues (2009) exposed how large corporations have gained control of the airwaves, and have used their influence to pass regulations favorable to themselves, while neglecting the interests of the general public. You can purchase the DVD here:  Broadcast Blues

Sue has been a passionate and effective advocate for media in the public interest:

1.Included the 2007 story of a Sacramento woman who died in a reckless radio water drinking stunt at Entercom’s KDND FM in her film Broadcast Blues.  Covered the subsequent 2009 civil trial for the Sacramento Press and SueWilsonReports.com. In 2013, filed a petition with the FCC to deny the broadcast license of KDND. In 2016, the FCC ordered a trial on the matter. In February 2017, Entercom surrendered its $13.5 million license to KDND.

2. Working with Occupy and media reform groups, conducted a day of nationwide inspections of public files at radio stations. Dozens of people walked into various Clear Channel radio stations in several states to exercise their rights as the owners of the publicly owned airwaves. As a result, the radio industry agreed to put the public files on line for easier viewing.

3. Filed a formal complaint and petitions to deny the licenses of WTMJ and WISN talk radio stations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, establishing that they give millions of dollars in free airtime to Republican candidates while excluding all Democratic candidates from the airwaves unless they pay for advertising. The FCC found nothing wrong with these actions.