Support Media Action Center’s FCC action to label Info Wars as fiction

Sue Wilson, producer of the documentary Broadcast Blues, has launched a campaign to require radio stations airing Alex Jones’ Info Wars to label the show as fiction. ( More About Sue Wilson  )

At her website, Media Action Center, there is a form-letter to the FCC that can be printed out and mailed to the FCC. Drawing from court documents, it reveals how Jones perpetrated the hoax that the Sandy Hook school shooting never happened, which brought harassment and death threats to the grieving families of slain children.

One item to be filled in on the form-letter is a radio station in your area that carries Info Wars. For Long Islanders, that station is WVNJ 1160 AM, broadcasting from New Jersey.  The station also streams online, and features Info Wars Monday through Friday, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Please visit Media Action Center for more information.


Kevin Horton Interview

Kevin Horton is the former publisher of The Gold Coast Gazette on Long Island, and currently teaches journalism at New York Tech.

On May 3, 2018, Kevin was interviewed by Long Island Media Task Force member Nancy Oley about growing up in a newspaper family, taking up the family business, and the future of local journalism on Long Island.